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7 Common Mistakes You Need to know

An injury fundamentally occurs due to someone’s inattention or careless actions. In case you get involved in a major accident in which you get hurt which are caused by the mistake of the other party, you can file a personal injury claim. It means that you can pull the one who has injured you in the court and prosecute him.

A car accident can be a traumatic experience. If the car accident occurred due to negligence of another person, then you can file for compensation from him or her. You can hire car accident lawyers so that they help you in making a strong case against the person responsible for your injuries.


You must know that these situations are very common, but unfortunately, many people are not aware as to how to go about it and get their rights fulfilled in an effective manner. You can not only make a personal injury claim in case of a car accident but also in case of insult of character, commodity defects, medical malpractice, and many other situations.


When you have to make a personal damage claim, the primary thing to think about is that you have to give good reason for and establish the genuineness of your injury claim in the under the law of your state. You need to keep in mind that the laws pertaining to personal damage may be different from place to place. For this reason, you are required to be familar with the laws from in the state where you are injured. You should get in touch with a lawful expert who can provide you with all the essential particulars.


If it is proved that you have been injured due the fault of the other party, your case will become solid and you can make a personal injury claim. The other party will be liable to pay for your treatment, and thus you will get legal compensation for your mishap. However, the court needs to establish the responsibility. The court will ascertain if the party which has blamed is really responsible for your injuries or not. Only after determining falt by the other party will you be able to get the compensation.

A lot of people do not have the knowledge of how to handle these cases. This list of the Common Mistakes You Need to know in the car accident personal injury claim:

Not seeking immediate medical attention. No matter how minor your injuries are, you should seek immediate medical attention after an accident, even if you feel all right. Certain symptoms may take days to surface, at which point your health may be at serious risk. Not seeking medical help you are putting your claim at risk.

Not getting complete medical checkup done is one of the things a lot of people do not consider after the accident. The lawyers emphasize the importance of medical treatment to build a strong case for compensation by the car accident attorneys. According to any car accident injury, it is important to keep all the receipts of the medical checkup filed together. In case a person fails to do so, the injury lawyers may not be able to get you the compensation you deserve. If you file for an insurance claim for the injuries suffered because if the accident, not hiring car accident attorneys for the purpose may affect the claim amount you get, if the company agrees to pay you at all.

From the time when the accident occurs to the time when you file a case against the negligent party, you must take the statements of the eyewitnesses to help you build a stronger case. The injury lawyers suggest that not doing so can make your case weak in the eyes of the jury. Car accident injury law firm advises the victims to take pictures of the damage done after the accident or at least get the CCTV footage of the accident as an evidence. Seek help from the car accident for the same. Every case is bound by a statute of limitations, which means that after a specified period, your case will not be admissible in the court of law.

Retain a car accident injury to know the time limit within which you must file the case. The biggest mistake people make when filing a case against the negligent party is not hiring auto injury lawyers to fight their case. Because the car lawyer has more experience, he or she may be able to fight your case efficiently.

Admitting fault. Immediately after an accident, you may be in shock and not know exactly how the accident happened. As such, you should never admit fault to the other party or the police since you simply don’t know what happened.

Not calling the police to file a report. It is important to call the police to come to the scene of the accident to file a report. The report may be used to prove how the accident happened and who was at fault. However, it is not the police’s duty to decide the responsibility of the accident in the report, the court will decide it.

Failing to get information from the parties involved in the accident. It is important that you collect pertinent information from all parties involved in the accident, including name, address, telephone number, insurance information, and driver’s license.

Not taking pictures at the scene of the accident. Videos and photographs can be a strong key to prove the negligence of the other party in an accident. Taking pictures of the damaged vehicle will strong, your case. Properly documenting the scene of the accident is a key to a successful case. You should also maintain a medical journal about how the effect of your injuries on your daily life.

In a car accident case to make a successful claim legal representation can be crucial to get the money for medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses. A qualified car accident attorney can negotiate with the insurance adjuster and help you to build and prove a case against the responsible party.

Make sure to steer clear of these mistakes by seeking advice from the car injury law firm. To learn more about Common Mistakes You Need to know, click accident claims



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Whiplash Injury Compensation

Have you already been involved in road traffic accident then take advantage of whiplash injury compensation by just having a look at this article? Whiplash injury cases are steadily rising, and maximum percentage of body injury cases are due to car accidents. So, whiplash injury claims are also rising, and it has been a serious matter between insurance companies and victims. Whiplash injury symptoms may or may not be experienced immediately just after a car accident; it may arise in future. Most of the whiplash claims are made because of injury to the neck if you get a neck injury in road accidents that may lead to temporary or permanent discomfort of neck muscles. So it is very necessary to take a legal advice for deciding how to make an injury claim.

It is a very painful condition while getting whiplash injury in a road traffic accident which may cause soft tissue injury to the neck, shoulders, back, etc. by rapid acceleration or deceleration of neck and head during an accident. The symptoms that you may feel just after the road traffic accident are a headache, back pain, pain in the neck, pain across the both shoulders, etc. You may feel stiffness in neck movement, shoulder movement and on the other hand you will develop a feeling of tightness in the neck as well as shoulder muscles.

The Whiplash Claims Calculator is an advanced tool that can be used to get an estimate on the amount of whiplash compensation. To get whiplash compensation you have to follow certain procedures so that you can be eligible for whiplash compensation. You have to just prove that there is no fault in the accident from your side and your lawyer will efficiently handle your claim. The settlement of your whiplash injury claims depends on the nature of the injury and expected time in recovery in road traffic accidents. It is very necessary to make claims with all supporting information (information related to road traffic accidents) required by the insurance company to settle your claims as quickly as possible.

Get compensation by just making  injury claims and save a lot of time, pain and indeed money. If you do not take action against such road traffic accidents, it may lead you to severe conditions in future because in whiplash injury your body is being pushed forwards and upwards by car seat and finally neck muscles are overstretched. Whiplash injuries are also caused in low impact collisions with slow speed car.

Your hands, shoulders, head, back, the neck can be simply affected by road accidents which may cause muscle spasms, headaches, difficulty in movement, troubles in swallowing, dizziness, headache, lower backache, blurring of vision, ringing in the ears, arm pain, etc. You may also develop some severe psychological issues which may lead to mood swings and irritation. So, prevent yourself from getting such serious conditions that can threaten your life anytime in future.

Do not be afraid of making claims, if you are suffering from whiplash injury make a claim as soon as possible against other car driver and get advanced compensation according to injury. Take the advice of right whiplash claims solicitor who will make you sure that you can quickly receive the right amount of whiplash compensation! Whiplash Solicitor who is a specialist in injury claims will arrange an immediate treatment for you on an urgent basis with no cost. You will be able to get back the cost of treatment from other driver’s insurance company just after making claims for injury.

Whiplash Claims Calculator is an advanced way nowadays to know how much you are worth for getting compensation just after you make your injury claims with the help of an experienced solicitor. You know how much your whiplash injury worth according to the extent of your pain and discomfort using Whiplash Claims Calculator. The amount of whiplash compensation also depends on how you have made your claims. Make your Whiplash claims immediately after an accident otherwise; you have forfeited your right to make injury claims. So use this excellent opportunity as it is very easy to make claims in just a minute and get whiplash compensation immediately.

You can get treatment for the accident which is free of cost by using the Whiplash Claims Calculator which calculates whiplash compensation by deciding the extent of the injury you got in car accidents and time expected in the recovery of whiplash injury. Claim experts can help you to make your personal whiplash claims in whiplash and road traffic accident.

To deal with whiplash, first it is important to consider what will be the degree of discomfort you experience. Medical professionals suggest waiting for at least one-week post injuries before deciding on if they should organize physiotherapy, and until that point in time could medicate heavily to permit the pain to be handled.

Physical therapy may include stretching, massage, moving muscles and limbs both voluntarily and involuntarily. A program up to a dozen treatments is commonly administered. People troubled with more severe problems will get far more extensive and extended treatment sessions. Pain relief medications will usually be taken throughout the therapy program.

There are some alternative kinds of treatments which involve manipulation and massage in a similar manner to conventional physical therapy. These include Chiropractic, Osteopathy, and Acupuncture. The latter will be expensive, but many believe hugely successful in assisting in healing soft tissue problems.

Those who endure pain over an extended period, developing ongoing symptoms may be seen by a pain management clinic for specialized support in learning to handle their whiplash symptoms. It is commonly the case that individuals left with symptoms more than an interval of a couple of years may well not completely recover from their injuries.

Someone who has experienced whiplash associated troubles will be aware the acute pain felt right after an accident can very often be merely the start of a long recovery process.

Whiplash injuries should be taken heed of, and it’s highly recommended that anybody who suffers pain after a car accident looks for immediate medical attention to ensure they give themselves an optimum chance of making a full recovery.

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Auto Accident Help

Auto Accident Help

Have you been injured in an auto accident as a result of someone else fault? If yes, then you need to take immediate action. In an auto accident case, compensation are paid to the plaintiff by the person who is found to be legally guilty for the accident. Compensation can be offered after an agreed settlement or by an order by the judge or jury following a court trial. However, a study that was conducted recently by an independent institution found out that at least 70% of all auto accident lawsuits are usually unsuccessful. So the big question is; what do you need to do to get compensated for personal injury in a car accident lawsuit? In this article, we are going to answer this question to help you know what you need to in order to get compensated as a result of an auto accident.

1. Ask yourself if the lawsuit is necessary

The first very important question that you need to ask yourself before you file for auto accident lawsuit is if the case is worth it. There are many factors that you need to consider when answering this question. The first thing that you need to consider is if you also took part in the accident. Sometimes you may get injured in an auto accident that you also took part in. If the answer is yes, then you need to know that the final verdict of the jury may not go in your favor. The second factor that you need to consider if the extent of damage that the accident resulted. If the damage was severe and result to permanent disability and loss of income, then that will give your case more weight. You also need to consider if you have enough evidence to prove that the defendant is guilty.

2. Gather enough evidence

After you have answered yourself this very important question and you have concluded that the lawsuit is necessary, the second step that you need to do to get compensated for personal injury that you have succumbed as a result of an auto accident is to gather enough evidence. One very important thing that many people don’t understand is that cases are not determined based on emotions or pity but by fact. The only way to present fact in the court of law is by ensuring that you actually have enough evidence to prove that the defendant is guilty. To have a strong case in the court, you need to gather enough evidence meaning that you need to take names, addresses and telephone numbers of any witness to the accident as well as photographs of the accident if possible. Your evidence should also include a police report that explains what really happened during the accident. The main reason why most auto accident lawsuits are not successful is because of lack of sufficient evidence. Before you take your case to court, take your time and collect enough evidence to prove that the defendant is actually guilty.

3. File claim as soon as possible

Although this is not the determining factor when filing for an auto accident lawsuit, the sooner you file for a lawsuit, the better. Time limit usually does not apply when filling suit against an individual or an entity that is not government or government agency. However, that does not mean that you should take forever before you finally file for a lawsuit. Experts advise that you should file for a lawsuit as soon as possible to increase your chances of getting compensated. By acting quickly and efficiently, you will increase the chances of getting your lawsuit resolved within the shortest time possible. Time limit is always a factor if you are filing for auto accident lawsuit against a government entity. This means that if you fail to file for a lawsuit within the time limit that has been set, then court will term your case irrelevant because the time limit has elapse. Taking too much time can also compromise vital evidence that will make your case stronger and possibly increase your chances of being compensated. It is therefore a good idea to file for an auto accident lawsuit as soon as possible to increase your chances of getting compensated.

4. Hire a qualified and experienced auto accident attorney

Most people usually think that hiring the services of qualified and experienced attorney is waste of time and money but that is not true. On the contrary, you will actually save a lot of time when you decide to take this prudent step. There are many benefits of hiring a qualified attorney when filing for an auto accident lawsuit. The first benefit is that the lawyer has a thorough understanding of the law and will help you go through the court process easily. In addition to that, an attorney has dealt with many cases that are similar to yours and has tremendous experience in this filed. They also have the right knowledge regarding auto accident lawsuits and will guide you on what you need to as well as all paperwork that you need to include in order to have a solid case. A lawyer will do everything within his/her power to ensure that you have a solid case and will represent you in court to ensure that you get compensated. Insurance companies always try as much as possible to give the victim lower amount and in some cases no compensation at all. An experienced and qualified attorney knows how to deal with stubborn insurance company and will help you get compensation that you deserve within the shortest time possible.

In conclusion getting auto accident help is very important. This is because being involved in accident has many effects of the victim. It not only results to injuries that can cause permanent disability and loss of income but it also causes emotional and psychological pain. If you have been injured from an auto accident, it is advised that you file a lawsuit to get compensated for damages succumbed. However, to increase your chances of winning the case, you need to ensure that that case is worth it. In addition to that, you need to gather enough evidence, hire the right auto accident attorney as well as file the lawsuit on time.

If you like to learn more about  Auto Accident Help, click accident claims.


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Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Claim 1Whenever a motorcycle accident occurs, it results in both physical and psychological torture. What is even more painful is the fact that majority of motorcycle accident victims do not know about the procedure to follow in order to be compensated thus end up not receiving compensation at all aggravating their suffering. As a matter of fact, most individuals hardly know of the questions they should be well aware of in order for their motorcycle accident personal injury claim to be successful. Majority think that only seeking the services of an attorney who is an expert in this matter is what is of essence. However, this is not the case. This article substantiates in an in-depth manner the guidelines that one should adhere to before even consulting a motorcycle accident attorney. The guidelines include 6 major questions that should be well articulated for a successful personal injury claim.

1. Was it your fault?

If the motorcycle accident occurred as a result of your negligent driving and failure to observe traffic rules, it is very much obvious you will not receive financial compensation. For instance, if you were under the influence of alcohol, this is tantamount to negligent driving. This is so because the law clearly stipulates that negligent driving is outright violation of the traffic laws set. This means that you deliberately caused the accident. In such a scenario, a court of law might decide to dismiss the case which automatically renders you unsuitable for personal injury compensation. In the event that the motorcycle accident was caused by another person and it is established that you were not a fault, chances of your motorcycle accident attorney filing a strong lawsuit are high which will guarantee compensation to enable you to start your process of recovery. This is because the attorney is in a better position to convince the jury that you did not breach the law.

2. Did you seek medical treatment after the accident?

In order to ascertain the extent of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident, an individual should immediately consult a professional doctor. Once this is done, request the doctor to furnish you with medical records. Medical records are very important when it comes to seeking compensation as a result of a personal injury arising from a motorcycle accident. This is because they act as evident that indeed you sought treatment when you got involved in the accident. Failure to produce medical records to verify that you sustained severe injuries will water down the claim. In seeking medical treatment, it is important to ensure all the details with regards to the accident are meticulously recorded. For instance, if a prognosis was conducted by a doctor or an X-ray was conducted, be sure to acquire a written copy. This is to increase your chances of winning a personal injury claim. If an individual does not seek medical treatment within the shortest time possible or does so after 6 months have elapsed, it will be very difficult to the attorney to convince a jury that the injuries sustained result from the motorcycle accident which makes the lawsuit null and void.


3. Has compensation already been offered?

In some cases, insurance companies may dissuade individuals from pursuing a personal injury claim in court. This happens because the insurance companies know if the case is water-tight, they will be compelled to pay the claimant a huge sum of money. Thus, if an individual is persuaded to make an out of court settlement by the insurance company and accepts, he/she in most cases cannot make another claim. Therefore, it is of essence for individuals to always make informed decisions when dealing with insurance companies to ensure they get a worthy compensation.

4. Did the accident result in injuries?

Quite a number of persons have the notion that if a motorcycle accident occurs, it is an outright guarantee they will be compensated. What they do not know is that the law has put it very clearly that as much as the accident occurs and there are no injuries sustained, there is no compensation. On the other hand, just like in car accident injuries, it is not unusual for people to sustain injuries in motorcycle accidents. The injuries include: spinal cord injuries, broken bones among others. For this reason, an individual should ensure they accurately describe these injuries to a qualified medical expert and the same is documented in order to be in a position to get compensation. If the doctor establishes that you are in a lot of pain and have injuries that prompt regular medical checkups and treatment, it will certainly yield compensation when you file a lawsuit.

5. Is there an accident report that was filed?

It is common procedure that there should be tangible evidence in form of a written report documenting the occurrence of a motorcycle accident. This is done by the police who get access to and assess the accident scene or the parties involved in the accident. In the case where the police are called, they will focus on making a diagram of the scene, assessing the prevailing weather conditions and get contact information of the available witnesses. If this is done, a person can be sure to get compensation since the report acts as evident that indeed the accident took place. Further, an attorney can come in handy in compiling of an accident report if knowledge of the party’s insurance information and license plate number exists.

6. Have you or the at-fault driver insured your cars?

It will be disappointing if you do not get compensation simply because you do not have insurance cover for your vehicle yet the at-fault driver has it but you are not aware you can be compensated. It is therefore necessary to understand this so as not to miss out on compensation in case you do not have insurance cover.

As a final point, always ensure you record these issues the first priority when seeking compensation due to personal injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. This will facilitate a smooth flow of the entire process making it less complex. Learn more, click Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Claim.


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How To Get The Most From Vehicle Crash Claims




vehicle crash claimsIf you are involved in a car crash, you may not know how to proceed with settling your injury claim, so that you may forget about the accident and move on with your life. When negotiating your case, it is important to be well prepared and be confident.

An often heard theory is that the pain and suffering are equivalent to one and a half to five times the hard costs. Well, it can be true, but unless you have the legal documentation and knows how to convince your adjuster to compensate, it is likely that you might never get past hard cost payments.

It is crucial to note that there are no legal laws that compel a claims adjuster to compensate for pain and suffering. There are no reference guides that list compensation amounts to be offered for mental anguish.

On the other hand, it is widely known that the chances of the injured party and the adjuster coming to an agreement on fair compensation for pain and suffering are very slim. Most often, your adjuster has the upper hand. He has the money, but, will never pay it for your suffering and pain unless you can convince him. Mental anguish cannot be quantified easily, and this implies that even though the adjuster may admit that you suffered anxiety and pain due to his insured actions, he might not accept the amount you think you should be paid for compensation.

The article examines, in fine details, what you should do in the aftermath of a car accident, so as to get the most out of it. As you go through it, you’ll understand the negotiation strategies and how you can apply them successfully to your vehicle injury claim.

10. Organize and prepare adequately.

Personal injury lawyers do it and so should you. Ensure that you have organized your documents well. Understand what they are and how to access them quickly. These materials should include the detailed notes of every conversation with the representatives of your insurance company, phone contacts, the names of the parties involved, photos of your damaged vehicle, the accident scene and X-ray images of your injuries. And remember the maxim; Nine out of ten times, the individual who is best prepared will prevail.

9. You must know what pain and suffering constitute.

Knowing and understanding what pain and anguish constitute is crucial if you are going to negotiate your vehicle injury claim successfully. This not only commands the adjuster’s attention but also is likely to streamline the negotiation process. He will know i that, he’s dealing with an individual who knows what vehicle injury claims are and the process of the negotiation settlement.

In technical terms, suffering and pain is a measure of how the injuries caused by accident have resulted in your sufferings. It is, therefore, the payment for the personal suffering. For instance, if your head was okay before the crash, and now as a result of the collision it hurts every day, the money paid for the suffering and pain is meant to cover that particular pain.

The adjuster examines and sees the X-ray images revealing the torn skull, and he believes you are suffering. The question now becomes how much is that suffering worth? And how do you measure it?

You should understand that the sufferings should also cover psychological pain, and that includes helplessness, terror, fear and mental torture you experienced as part of the sufferings. Pain and suffering do not include resultant inconveniences, such as lost wages, rental cars or any other quantifiable similar amounts. It is for the suffering and pain alone.

8. Know the medical terminology.

Successful personal injury lawyers know the essence of learning all they should regarding their clients’ injuries, and that includes side effects and the likelihood of future medical issues. To be successful, you MUST do the same. Lawyers must have high knowledge of expertise in medical procedures and terminology, but you’ll also need to know a few that apply to your area. There is a broad range of pain and suffering peculiar to each injury and every victim. The range includes both short and long-term impacts of the damage. And due to that range, insurers are forced to negotiate every claim on its own merit and separately.

In fact, many car crash victims who settle their compensation cases never take the appropriate time to understand their injuries, including their medical terminology and long term effects.

Grab your time and obtain valuable medical data about your injuries from reliable websites such as the Mayo Clinic or Web MD. By knowing better the nature and the type of the damage, you can divert that knowledge into a convincing argument with your adjuster.

7. Make your Before and After’ known by the adjuster.

Explain that before the car crash you had no significant psychological or physical problems. In fact, clarify that you were extremely healthy and enjoyed playing golf, hiking, basketball, working out, and other favorite sports with your friends. Until the accident, you enjoyed a very healthy relationship with your partner. Then out of nothing, his insured reckless driving altered everything. Just like the other individuals who suffered head injuries and had numerous surgeries, your discomfort and writhing pain has not abated. It is there and constantly reminds you every day how suddenly your life has changed.

You have done everything in a bid to get back into the swing of things to no avail. The discomfort and pain are severe that you have lost interest you once had while engaging in dancing, sports, and intimacy with your partner.

However, the lack of intimacy with your partner is a very critical topic and one you would certainly not prefer to discuss with the adjuster. But, just know that it is considered as a recoverable damage. It falls under the pain and suffering category and is known as loss of Consortium. Get the most out of that feature.

6. Don’t start negotiations presuming anything.

Bearing in mind that you already know that the adjuster doesn’t have to offer you the suffering and pain compensation, it would be foolish to enter into the negotiation thinking that it is just about how high the compensation amount can be hiked. If you didn’t know, this could potentially set back the negotiation process even before it starts. Additionally, never accept an appraisal or an estimate of your losses offered to you by the insurer. Insurance agencies will often convince you to allow their replacement estimates or replacement estimates or contractor’s repair, which are always very low.

5. Speak with your adjuster as you would with any other professional.

Your intention is to make the claims adjuster to take negotiations very seriously. Begrudging and commanding his attention is crucial to an effective presentation and consideration by him. Your voice should never sound insulting, and it must be steady. However, don’t seem desperate, like you are in a hurry for a settlement. Pace yourself accordingly, knowing that you are never going to settle your compensation claims in one day.

4. Search for vital information from sources.

Online sites and Courthouse are excellent sources of information concerning the amounts juries have awarded in claims similar to yours. Internet sources provide information of all types. An example of such good sites is the You can see the amounts juries have awarded in car crash claims in your country and around the world. Specifically, your intention is to have a rough idea of what you should expect.

3. Inform the adjuster how extremely your treatment has been painful.

Critically talk about how your immediate treatment process plus the recovery period has been. Talk about enduring the setting of your skull and the bones and the discomfort and pain as you helplessly lay in your hospital bed for many days and nights. Talk about the indignity and embarrassment you underwent while in the hospital bed not able to handle yourself and manage your personal needs.

2. Never invite or imply collusion.

If you didn’t know, there have been instances where injured parties unknowingly misunderstood something her/his claims adjuster either meant or said, and going on to use it as an invitation to purpose something illegal. If you cross the line, the chances are that the adjuster will probably not return your calls. And the next information you will receive will be a document from the insurance company’s legal department stopping negotiations with you. At this point, they owe you nothing, and will only wait for an appointment with your attorney. Any hopes of settling your car crash compensation claims without a lawyer are gone. Even though you may be smart enough not to engage is this kind of behavior, just know that these things happen, and if they do, consequences are dangerous.

Vehicle Crash Claim 2

1. Tell the adjuster how fatal and painful the accident was.

Outline in excruciating details, everything as it happened. For instance,( Assuming the following events happened) speak of how your abdomen slammed into the car’s window, and then snapped vigorously backward toward the floor. Tell your adjuster how your body jerked back and forward as if it was a boxing punching bag. Incorporate every unique circumstance you experienced, and this would increase your chances of landing the jackpot.’

Finally, remind the adjuster that you’ll still need additional treatment following the crash. Say that the final narrative from your doctor states that you must undergo further treatment, including, but not limited to more C.A.T and M.R.Is scans to measure your recovery rate.

The Bottom line.

Vehicle crash claims are not that easy to negotiate. They require you to have a deep understanding of every aspect related to your case, in particular. The article has provided you with what you need to do so as to increase your chances of earning big.

However, it is important to note that actual negotiation process depends on;

• The command of all the relevant data you’ve prepared and accumulated.

• Your ability to engage effectively, forcefully and professionally in a productive dialogue with the adjuster.

• Your ability to present all the information in a cohesive approach.



Whiplash Injury Compensation: What Is A Whiplash Injury And How To Get Compensation

Auto Accident Help: What To Do To Get Compensated For Personal Injury In A Car Accident

What to Do After a Car Accident – A Checklist Guide




What to Do After a Car AccidentIf you’ve been involved in a car accident, checklists are an essential way to make sure you haven’t missed anything important after you leave the scene of the accident. Most likely, your mind will be racing with thoughts. Is everyone okay? Was the accident my fault? What should I do next?

This car accident checklist is designed to help you gather critical data if you get into an automobile accident.

1. Check to see if you or any passengers with you were injured in the automobile accident.

Do not hesitate to call 911-emergency help if you or anyone in any vehicle needs medical attention. Do not try to move anyone who may be unconscious whether in your party or in another vehicle, unless absolutely necessary. Often times, moving a person after a serious personal injury has occurred can aggravate or worsen an injury. If you must move injured people due to an emergency situation, make sure to keep their head and neck supported and ask for help from other nearby parties if you need it to ensure the person’s body remains as stable as possible.

2. Safely get out of the way of traffic.

Get yourself to a safe area, such as a sidewalk or parking lot, but remain at the scene of the car accident. If your car is badly damaged and won’t turn on, open your hood and put your flashers on to warn other drivers who may be approaching the area. Your safety is most important.

3. Call the police if the auto accident involves damage, injury or death.

Be sure to dial 911-emergency response if the auto accident involves any damage, personal injury, or death, especially in instances of hit-and-run driving. The 911-operator will initiate appropriate assistance such as ambulance, police, or CHP to the scene of the car accident.

4. Obtain information from the all other drivers and witnesses involved in the car accident.

You will need to gather the following information from all drivers, passengers, and witnesses of the accident: Name, Address, City, Home Number, Mobile Number, and Work Number.

It’s helpful if you can gather the other person’s Email, Insurance Company, Policy Number, Coverage Limits (liability).

5. Obtain police officer’s information.

Don’t forget to get the police officer’s Name, Badge, Number, and City.

6. Write down the car accident information.

Jot down Date, Time, Make, Model, Year, Car Description, Color, State, and the other car’s License Plate Number.

7. Take as many pictures as you can of the car accident. Be sure to remain safe in doing so.

When taking pictures, keep these tips handy. Be sure to photograph:

· Each car driver
· Each automobile in the car accident
· Any property damage including skid marks
· Any other damage to property (including vehicles), as well as the location of the automobile accident.

You can never take too many photos of a car accident. It is a good idea to keep a disposable camera in your glove compartment or trunk of your vehicle in case of emergency. If there are no other cameras available, then you should use a cell phone camera if you have one. Make an extra effort to get photos. It’s a benefit to have an abundance of pictures since they may help in the insurance company claims process to determine how much you should be paid for your injuries.

8. Schedule an appointment with your doctor.

Many times, initial injuries are spotted right after the accident takes place. However, many people may suffer from personal injury but not have realized it immediately following an automobile accident. Therefore, it is always wise to see your doctor to make sure that you are okay.

As to seeing a doctor, often people are offered an ambulance ride, which they turn down. Often, people strike their head, are confused, and really not in a position to say “yes” or “no” to the ambulance ride. Or, one may have a passenger, especially a child in the car, and not think about themselves. If an ambulance ride is offered, and if you’re unsure as to whether or not you’re injured, you may want to take the ambulance ride to be on the safe side.

9. Before speaking to the insurance company, make sure to consult an experienced auto accident attorney.

More often than not, the insurance companies will try to settle with you for less than you deserve. This is true especially when injuries are involved.

10. Create an auto accident diagram.

Before your memory get fuzzy, jot down a visual aid of how the auto accident happened. This will help you describe your car accident later


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Personal Injury In Car Accident

Personal Injury In Car Accident

The facts about car accidents are alarming:

  • According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motor vehicles accidents killed 43,443 Americans in 2005.
  • Another 2,494,000 people were injured in car crashes in that year alone.
  • Of those who died in highway accidents, three out of four were occupants of motor vehicles.
  • About 4,550 of the deceased victims were motorcyclists.
  • Another 5,665 of the people killed in car accidents were bicyclists or pedestrians.
  • Almost 17,000 of the fatal motor vehicle accidents was related to alcohol use.

A car accident can be a very upsetting experience. But it is very important not to panic after a car accident. Instead, keep a clear head.

First, and most important, Stay Calm

Focus first on acting to protect yourself and help other car accident victims. Do not discuss the car accident with anyone other than the police. Do not blame anyone, including yourself. Never argue with the other driver — even if you are sure that person caused the car accident.

Second, Get Help

Do not leave the site of the car accident. Call 9-1-1 from the car accident scene, to tell police about the collision.If anyone was injured, ask the 9-1-1 operator to send emergency medical personnel to the car accident site immediately.

Set flares, if you carry them, to warn other drivers to slow down and avoid the people and vehicles involved in the car accident.

Obtain the Drivers Facts

Write down the name, address, phone number, driver’s license number and state, license plate number, registration, and auto insurance information, including the insurance policy number.

Ownership Facts

If the driver of the other vehicle was not the owner, write down the name, address, insurance company, and auto insurance policy number of the owner of that vehicle.

Injured Parties

Ask the police about all injured parties, including the passengers in the automobiles. If possible, take down their names, addresses, dates of birth, gender, and extent of injuries.


Look around for anyone who may have seen the car accident, including bystanders and occupants of other vehicles. Be sure to write down the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all these witnesses.


Write down the make, body type, year, and license number of all the motor vehicles involved in the car accident. Also, note the damage to each of the vehicles.

Car Accident Scene

Draw a diagram of the car accident site. Mark down the street names, and the location of any stop lights, traffic control signs, or other landmarks. Note the path of each motor vehicle just before the place where they collided.

Protect Your Health

After an automobile accident, get medical attention. Sometimes, car accident victims are too stunned right after a bad collision to know whether or not they were hurt. Therefore, it is wise to see your personal physician as soon as possible. Tell your doctor about the motor vehicle collision, so that he or she can check for internal injuries that may result from a traumatic accident.

Report the Car Accident

If police did not come to the car accident scene, call the police to file a report, as soon as you are able to make a telephone call. If the driver of the other vehicle fled the crash scene, you still must report the car accident to the police. Get a copy of the police report whenever it is available.

File an Auto Insurance Claim

Tell your auto insurance company about the car accident immediately and get an insurance claim number. Ask the auto insurance representative to open a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) file, to preserve all of your rights under your policy.

Be sure to let your insurance company know if you were in a hit-and-run car accident. Some insurance policies require notice of a claim involving an unidentified driver within 30 days of the car accident.

Tell your own auto insurance company that you claim your right to any uninsured or under insured motorist coverage, in case the car or truck that hit you was not covered by motor vehicle insurance. Insurance companies often require prompt notice of these claims and may deny these benefits to anyone who does not follow the strict requirements in their policies.

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